Sound Proofing

A 70-80% reduction in traffic noise can be made by installing secondary glazing. Once fitted is extremely unobtrusive with each window being custom made to match your existing primary windows .Noise pollution can affect your comfort health and lifestyle and is a serious issue with too much noise being damaging to health (increased stress , disrupted sleep). This can hinder academic learning and concentration of anyone , especially children when in this environment.

To achieve a significant noise reduction we use acoustic laminated glass with a cavity of 100-200mm between the new secondary and the primary window. This enables us to obtain a sound reduction of up to 80%. The intensity of noise/sound is measured in decibels (dB) . The decibel is a logarithmic measurement: sound intensity doubles with every 3dB increase. Thus sounds at 88dB are actually twice as intense as they are at 85dB. In plain English a 3 dB decrease in sound intensity represents a halving of the noise.

We can get the sound level in your property to a comfortable level which is around 35 dB in daytime and 30 dB at night.


            No more sleepless nights or noise disruption



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