Draught Proofing / Thermal Insulation

A dramatic reduction in heating consumption can be made with a secondary installation saving you money and at the same time helping our environment. As well as eliminating draughts our glazing improves thermal performance by up to 60%. It is also proven to help with the reduction of condensation.

Your home will be made more energy efficient and help you save money on your ever increasing fuel bills.  Different types of glass can be used that helps to reflect the heat back in the room in the winter and to stop the suns ray radiating through the summer.

Another reason for installing secondary glazing is that it helps meet the standards set in part L of the building regulations.

Also EPC`s will be a massive part in the selling of your property , if you decide to sell at a later date , and our glazing will assist in this.

Secondary glazing is excellent for thermal insulation. It was originally designed to keep out the cold and the dirt from your home. After fitting the thermal insulation can save you around 10%on your heating bills if not more.

It is cost effective on installation and saving you money long term from day one! It is one of the only alternatives if you live in a conservation area or listed building and cannot change your existing windows.

As with sound proofing our glazing could have a low E glass (low emissivity) fitted. This is a modern glass that helps the heat back in the room in the winter and stops the suns rays radiating through in the summer.

                               keep warm in winter and cool in summer


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